Exigen actively seeks to maximise the value creation and sustainability of business and society through systemic optimal design.

Opportunity, opportunity cost and final design are all subject to the same set of constraints. By providing the framework to understand and rationalise all constraints, radically advanced design can be achieved to deliver the most valuable balance of productivity optima and risk minima.

Design by Rationalised Constraint© is problem solving where solving is working toward rather than working from. The intention of Design by Rationalised Constraint© is to achieve a state of conditional optimality, the most optimal design solution available at the time and in response to a complex of constraints.

Design by Rationalised Constraint© informed by simulation is a rigorous and exhaustive process to identify the conditional systemic optimal design for a system according to the specific complex of constraints applicable to a particular operation. By dynamically simulating constraints and the relationship between all knowable constraints, Exigen can explore complexity and network effects, and understand implications and consequence of choice, thus leading to a systemically optimal design.

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